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Connecting You With Insurance Companies

Medical Credentialing is a detailed process that reviews doctors' qualifications and career history, including their education, training, residency, licenses, and specialty certificates. Credentialing is required upon the hire or enrollment of a new doctor and regularly thereafter to satisfy the standards set forth by regulatory and accreditation organizations, such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)and The Joint Commission (TJC), ensuring that patients are receiving high-quality care from qualified providers. Credentialing is necessary for insurance reimbursement.

That’s where Physician Revenue Navigators comes in.

At Physician Revenue Navigators, we know that the first step in successful revenue cycle management is proper credentialing. This laborious process can take away from your primary mission of helping patients. So we do it for you -- quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Knowing You and the Credentialing Process

Our years of experience in the medical field allow us to streamline the paperwork and eliminate any errors that can keep you from getting properly credentialed. Even the simplest mistakes can cause you to lose out on payments, hinder insurance billing, and hurt your bottom line.

Physician Revenue Navigators gets to know your practice inside and out, partnering with you so that we fully understand your unique services and needs. This knowledge allows us to fully take over the medical credentialing process, taking care of every step along the way. This includes:

Learning about you
Initial submission
Track progress
Follow-up submissions

A High Standard For A Higher Bar

Insurance panels have been getting more rigorous in the last few years, making credentialization even more difficult and time-consuming. Many practices do not have the staff or the time to properly credential their providers. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Physician Revenue Navigators, we can handle your medical and insurance credentialing. We take pride in getting the paperwork in accurately and quickly, so that you can collect the revenue you deserve. We focus on the insurance companies so that you can focus on your patients.


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"Because we were impressed with PRN’s initial consulting project we retained them to pursue a national search for an executive director to manage this group. That was completed in a timely fashion with a great deal of expertise. We are very happy with the product and services provided thus far."

David C Leppla, M.D., FAANS