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At Physician Revenue Navigators, we’re more than just a medical billing company. In this new era of healthcare, where coding regulations are both more comprehensive and complex than ever, it is often difficult for medical providers to navigate through the rough waters of revenue collection. Many companies promise to help with billing, but what we do goes beyond simply filing claims. To maximize both profits and the ability to serve patients, medical providers need a partner that focuses on comprehensive education at every stage of the revenue cycle to bring the payments to the provider.

Revenue Cycle Experts That Understand the Medical Field

The staff at Physician Revenue Navigators have deep roots in the medical world, which gives us an understanding of what is needed to run a successful practice, regardless of ownership. We know the unique pressures that come from patients, insurance companies, and regulations. It is this understanding of every aspect of the field that allows us to perform the services our clients need to thrive, especially in a heavily regulated environment. We know that revenue cycle management begins before the patient walks in the door and doesn’t end until well after services are rendered.

The services Physician Revenue Navigators offers include:

Revenue lifecycle management
Payer contract recommendations and fee schedule analysis
Staff education
Business operations & workflow consultation

We believe that medical providers can stay independent and thrive by learning how to manage and enhance their workflow, business operations, and revenue cycle. All of the services that we offer have been developed and refined over years of partnering with providers in the industry, and stem from the core tenets of our philosophy:


Help For Those Who Provide Wellness

In many cases, provider offices do not have the knowledge and experience to maximize revenue cycle opportunities, which often results in massive write-offs. Physician Revenue Navigators has the foundation of knowledge and experience that comes with working daily in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Credentialing Assistance

One way our practice helps our clients is by offering credentialing and enrollment assistance. We have an in-house Certified Credentialing Professional. Physician Revenue Navigators offers an alternative to practices that don’t want to deal with the red tape of licensing and payer enrollment and credentialing.

Providing Service within the Scope of Compliance

Physician Revenue Navigators also has an in-house Certified Medical Compliance Office and a Certified HIPAA Security Professional, attesting our commitment to comply with federal and state regulations.

Education For The Whole Team

In our line of work, education is about teaching the businesses we partner with how to maintain their independence and learn how to better manage their own practices. Over the years, we have learned which front-end business practices are and are not effective. We educate your front desk staff on the correct way to guide patients toward payment. We do not just bring your accounts in and take over --- we want to work with your business as a partner.

Results You Can Count On

Ultimately, revenue cycle management is geared toward bringing the payments to the practice. Some other companies focus on volume, or getting new clients in the door, but at Physician Revenue Navigators, we take pride in our results-oriented focus. We focus on getting every possible dollar for your practice.

Physician Revenue Navigators wants you to stay in business by giving you the education, skills, and support you need to have a fighting chance. As Nancy Nagel, the Executive Director, says,

“Our goal is to keep practices financially sound so that they are able to stay independent.”

Getting Started with Revenue Cycle Management

If your medical practice has money escaping from your revenue cycle, it’s time to tighten up your operation. We can help streamline your workflow and bring those hard to collect payments into the bank. If it needs to be done, we have the team, the tools, and the experience to do it. Feel free to contact us directly for a consultation and Physician Revenue Navigators will develop an action plan that best suits your needs.


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"We at Hillsdale Hospital have utilized the talents of the professionals at Physician Revenue Navigators (PRN) numerous times.  Every time they have delivered top-quality deliverables to us in a timely fashion.  We have enjoyed working with PRN because they are knowledgeable, diligent, and always go the extra mile for us.  When we have the need to complete a complex short-term project that requires a set of skills that are not easily obtainable, we think of contacting nobody else but PRN."


Duke Anderson
Hillsdale Hospital - Hillsdale, MI