Healthcare providers are the backbone of their community. They provide services to people to make them feel better. Running a practice is incredibly complex, and can leave you with a weakness of your own -- the bottom line. At Physician Revenue Navigators, we understand firsthand the complexity of running a medical practice. Your responsibility is to provide top-notch care to your patients, and that is the area where quality practitioners put their time and focus. However, for many practices, providing the best quality care and treatment for your patients can leave you with a question: where do the payments go?

There are problems for practices all throughout the medical billing cycle. This begins with the scheduling process and ends when the payment is in your bank account. Throughout the cycle, there are lost payment opportunities, claim denials, and revenue “leaks”. The world of credentialing and billing regulations can seem intimidating, and often practitioners end up with more write-offs than necessary.

With years of experience in medical billing and workflow consultation, we can impart our experience and expertise to your staff, while you reap the rewards by minimizing claim denials and write-offs. At Physician Revenue Navigators, your success is our business.

Getting Started: Your Options with Outsourcing Medical Billing

Physician Revenue Navigators is unique in that we do not just bring on clients and take over their billing procedures. Each practitioner is different, and each office has different strengths and weaknesses in their current workflow and billing procedures. Our process starts with a consultation and assessment of your current practice while we work together to develop an action plan to start bringing your revenue back in. Our approach is multi-faceted and very flexible depending on the client’s needs, but we ultimately focus on credentialing, consulting, workflow redesign, outsourced billing, and staff education.

Common Solutions to Revenue “Leaks”

  • Educating front desk staff for more effective communication with patients
  • Optimizing input of patient billing data
  • Streamlining your IT system for better record keeping and access to information
  • Matching fees against contract allowables
  • Verifying appointment eligibility in advance
  • Improving upfront collections on deductibles and co-insurance
  • Accelerating initiation of billing process
  • Comparing scheduled vs. billed procedures
  • Increasing frequency of insurance company billing
  • Checking remittance amounts against contract rates
  • Enhancing procedures for collecting patient balances
  • Challenging/appealing denials and identifying denial patterns

Optimizing your Bottom Line with Physician Revenue Navigators

We offer our services to any medical service provider for whom we believe we can optimize their revenue flow. Whether you are interested in a consultation for a workflow assessment to streamline your current front desk and billing procedures or optimizing your office credentialing and enrollment services or outsourcing your billing to our experienced staff, we have the knowledge and tools to get you on the right track. Contact us today for your consultation.


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“I appreciate the confidentiality that was shown, the negotiating and guidance provided by PRN.  I felt through the entire process, PRN communicated with me and kept me in the loop every step of the way.”


Kimberly Gulling, FACMPE
Practice Administrator
Great Basin Orthopaedics