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In order for your practice to fully perform its vital community service, you need to have your revenue cycle properly and comprehensively managed. Many practices fail to give the revenue cycle the same attention as other parts of their practice, which makes it almost inevitable that things will get lost and money will slip out the door. Others outsource the task to a company who may know numbers, but not the medical field. If you want your practice to be as successful as possible, you want to partner with someone who knows your unique needs and understands what it takes to properly manage the billing life-cycle. You want a partner like Physician Revenue Navigators.

At Physician Revenue Navigators, we have roots in the medical community and the world of revenue life-cycle management. No matter your specialty, we are able to accommodate its unique needs so that you can thrive. This background means that there isn’t a learning curve. As a provider, it’s difficult to keep up with regulations and laws. Not understanding these aspects of the insurance industry, such as how to handle denials and appeals, which letters to write, or which forms to fill out can result in massive write-offs. We partner with your practice to learn everything about what you need and help you through the process of efficient revenue collection. Our unmatched background in the field, coupled with our results-oriented approach can help you avoid write-offs.

Areas of Expertise:

Revenue lifecycle management
Staff education
Business operations & workflow consultation


In the end, what we provide our clients is a comprehensive redesign of their business to keep payments from getting lost along the line. Regular follow-ups with daily statements give our clients the knowledge to see where their own assets are going, and make sure that payments stay on the books.

The beauty of our service is that your revenue lifecycle redesign is completely personalized for your business, to meet your unique need. We can provide you with the insight and tools to get started. Contact us today for a consultation.


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"Physician Revenue Navigators is an excellent third-party billing company. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed. With Nancy Nagel at the helm and Tia Payne as Compliance Officer, you can't go wrong working with this company. I highly recommend Physician Revenue Navigators if your physician practice or health care company is seeking to retain an outstanding outside billing company."

Robert W. Liles, Esq., Managing Partner at Liles Parker PLLC