Business Operations and Workflow Consultation

Business Operations and Workflow Consultation

Creating A New Revenue Collection Model

In healthcare, there is a rigid, organized process for patient intake, diagnosis, procedure, and anything else. An emergency goes here, a checkup goes there, a follow-up needs to have this checked and should go to that wing. Unfortunately, that same process is not always present on the business side of things, particularly when it comes to managing the revenue cycle. Clinical operations and its general workflow are naturally oriented toward patient care, which means that monetary collection can be lacking. At Physician Revenue Navigators, we want to help providers in every aspect of revenue management, which means working on your workflow. We give you the help and the tools that you need to be as efficient and effective at revenue collection as you are at healing others.

What Workflow Consultation Means

The heart of our business model is knowledge. We have deep experience in all aspects of the medical field, with experience in healthcare, and with insurance companies and regulatory bodies. We understand how to navigate the complicated, regulated, and always changing world of medical coding, billing, and collection.

It is also important for us to learn the practices of our clients. We partner with providers to understand every aspect of their business, so that we can consult on how best to maximize collection practices. We know that radiology is different from neurology and from physical therapy. Physician Revenue Navigators does not believe in an one-size-fits-all solution; we believe in a solution that fits you.

This means going over every aspect of your workflow so that the first person a patient talks to starts the revenue cycle, and at every touchpoint there is a coherent and cohesive method at work. This includes:

Evaluation of workflow
Employee education
Analysis of current software and billing platform
Recommendations for change in platform
Office organization
Accounting overhaul

Business Operations Key To A Successful Practice

The best providers and administrators in the world cannot help people if they cannot keep their doors open. Bad business operations lead to holes in the system, and into those holes, hundreds of thousands of dollars can fall, if not more. Everyone in your organization needs to be on the same page and using the most updated equipment, information, and processes.

At Physician Revenue Navigators, we train our people and yours in best practices, turning your billing practices into smooth operations. We know that having an efficient and consistent procedure is the only way to minimize mistakes and maximize revenue. Contact us today to see how we can serve as your medical revenue management consultant.


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