Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Lifecycle Management

Keeping Your Medical Practice Healthy

When a patient seeks your services, there are two things that have to happen. The first is the start of the healing process. You have to figure out what is wrong and how you can help them. The second is the beginning of the revenue cycle. From the moment contact is made, your team should be working together in order to ensure accurate and efficient billing. This is also about health; it protects the financial health of your practice, and allows you to continue serving the community. For the process to work, you need a strong partner who understands the industry and knows the revenue cycle inside and out. Physician Revenue Navigators is proud to be that partner.

Why Support and Training Are Crucial For Revenue Lifecycle Management

When paperwork slips through the cracks, you lose out. When credentialing is not filled out correctly, you lose out. When files are misplaced or when requests for documentation get pushed to the bottom of a pile or when emails go unanswered, you lose out; making it harder to serve your patients.

All of these situations are bound to happen when a busy, medical practice tries to handle revenue collection without the proper help or training. It is a highly specified and an always changing field, and busy doctors, nurses, and administrators would need to work at it full-time to keep up.  Time that you do not have.  Physician Revenue Navigators can help.

At Physician Revenue Navigators, we understand the medical industry and every step of revenue collection. We work with your business to learn what it needs, its unique services and situation, and how best to collect revenue from insurance companies and patients. When working with us you have the advantage of our:

  • Expertise at working with insurance companies. Our diverse staff has a deep background in insurance. We know what companies need to approve requested services, and can get it done for you.
  • Regulatory knowledge. It is an always changing field. Our staff stays ahead of every development, so that you are not wasting time using last year’s information for this year's billing.
  • Efficiency. Every error represents lost revenue. The motto of our highly trained and expert staff is "right the first time".
  • Staff education. Teaching someone to fish is worth a thousand meals. We help train your staff in every aspect of revenue management, and their role in it.  So that when the patient is ready, you are ready.

We Will Do Everything in our Power to Get You Paid

The revenue cycle ends when you get paid, and not a minute before. That is our ultimate goal.

At Physician Revenue Navigators, we have the expertise, the drive, and the vision to change the way providers approach revenue cycle management. We want to help your practice get healthy. Contact us today to see how we can work for you.


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"PRN brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They are definitely the experts when it comes to navigating the challenges and intricacies of medical billing, reimbursement, and contracting. Active Physical Therapy endorses PRN 100%"


Parley Anderson, DPT, OCS
Active Physical Therapy