Staff Education

Staff Education

When a patient seeks help, the first thing that anyone in the medical field wants to find out is what is wrong. What is keeping them from living the life they want? What ailment is holding them back? It is the same thing for your practice; there might be bad billing practices that are costing you money and holding you back. At Physician Revenue Navigators, we believe that education on the billing life cycle is the best way to get well, and we give our clients the knowledge and tools to succeed independently, while providing the billing and support infrastructure they need to truly thrive. Your success is our business. We don’t just bring on clients and take over their procedures. We make them a partner.

For us, education isn’t just about running a successful medical practice. It’s a core value that drives us personally and professionally. For us, education means:

  • Developing revenue collection skills in our clients' staff
  • Educating and informing clients about the nuts and bolts of medical billing
    • How to optimize the accuracy of patient demographic information
    • How to understand and avoid claim denials
    • How to optimize resource allocation
    • How to identify and solve revenue “leaks” in your practice
    • How to analyze reports for decisions and goals
  • Recruiting and educating enthusiastic bright individuals with an interest in facilitating medical service through revenue cycle management

Get Your Team on Board: The Importance of Staff Education in the Medical Cycle

It is vital that your staff has the education to communicate effectively with patients from the first contact and throughout the billing process. By developing the language, having strong communication skills, and developing relationships at every juncture, you can actually avoid a lot of write-offs that come from confusion about patient insurance eligibility and revenue collection techniques.  The flow of information between your staff and your patients starts at the initial point of contact whether it be over the phone or at the front desk.

Identifying Revenue “Leaks” & Optimizing Resource Allocation

Educating providers and employees at every step of the revenue cycle is one way that we teach where your dollars are going. This training can help you recognize “leaks” where claim denials, ineffective communication, or workflow inefficiencies are hurting your bottom line. Physician Revenue Navigators is unique in maintaining a staff with industry experience in both medical practices and payer  companies. Our staff has a comprehensive knowledge of credentialing and enrollment and how different companies deal with claims; the kind of knowledge base you can only build with years spent learning the nuances of regulations and procedures. The world of credentialing, claim denials, and regulations can seem intimidating, but we can impart our experience and expertise to your staff so you can reap the rewards by minimizing claim denials and write-offs.

Understanding Where Your Dollars are Going: The Importance of Reporting

Reporting is a form of internal education; it keeps everyone on your staff in the loop as to patient status, billing progress, tracking claims, and payment resolution. When reporting is lax, payments slip out of the revenue cycle and get written off without being noticed. Part of our consultation and billing system redesign is developing a consistent reporting and progress update schedule. Depending on the existing structure of your billing system, this could require an IT redesign, to facilitate immediate, accurate reporting, insure around-the-clock access to information for the people who need it, and keep records accurate and accessible. This could also involve reworking your front desk procedures and educating staff on how to maintain a functional flow of information throughout the payment process.

Physician Revenue Navigators Recruitment: A Spirit of Education

Education is a core value that drives us within our own office, not just in our relationship with our partner providers. We enjoy recruiting knowledgeable staffers including recent college graduates with an interest in facilitating the practice of medicine through medical billing and consultation. We value the enthusiasm and motivation of the fresh eyes of our recruits, as well as imparting our knowledge to the staff and carrying on a tradition of service. Much of our staff have decades of experience in the industry, both in insurance and patient billing. 

Get Started with the Training You Need to Succeed

Our team goes beyond the usual practice of medical billing. We take pride in seeing our partner businesses succeed and develop the skills they need  to keep the revenue cycle flowing. What we can do is impart the knowledge and industry-tested methods that we have developed after years of working with the revenue cycle. If your office could benefit from a workflow consultation or staff training session, contact Physician Revenue Navigators today to find out how we can provide medical billing education for your practice.


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